Peter Schmidt

Heith Drennan
Middle Years (9)/7-9 Music

Crystal Dyck
Visual Arts and Photography -

Tracy Fitzsimmons

Aleta Hagan
Elementary (1)

Moira Hamm
Senior English

Christine Findlater

Patricia Meszaros

Tyson Lundquist
Middle Years & Grade 10

James Malainey
Physics, Psychology & Math

Lindsey Gardner

Middle Years (7, 8, 9) and Phys. Ed.

Shawn Oleksyn
Industrial Arts

Stacey Kemp
Middle Years (8) & Home Economics

Jonathan Pedersen
Middle Years (8)

Rob Price
Senior Science

Teresa Lalonde

Jennifer Green

Cameo Rempel
Elementary (3)

Heather Bolton 
Middle Years Resource Room

Jonathan Nickel

Tanya Kennedy-Reid
Student Counselling